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"I refuse to join any Free Poker League that would have me for a member........except for WorldFreePoker.com".

Dex Pkr League

"I Pity The Fool That Doesn't Join WorldFreePoker.com!"

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Welcome to Free Dex Poker League

We provide free, live and local entertainment in restaurants, bars, and hotspots all around NJ. Professional Dealers run casino-like Free Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments. There's no gambling, so there's no risk and lots of FUN! Poker players qualify for weekly, monthly and yearly prizes. From free movie tickets, free gift certificates to major prizes like a Free seat to a WPT or WSOP major poker event in Atlantic City! 

So, what free sponsorship can you be eligible for? Monthly and Quarterly prizes are awarded to tournament winners. Monthly tournament prizes include up to $100 cash card or a bonus prize of $250 cash card and a $250 sponsored tournament seat. Winners of our Quarterly tournament get to play a Professional Deep Stack Tournament with a $100,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool! Plus unannounced frequent daily prizes.

So what are you waiting for! Click Here Now and Go To The Main Site at www.WorldFreePoker.com


The "meaning of maturity photo" taken from DEX FREE POKER Facebook (before it gets deleted like the other prior comments).

DEX POKER - AKA: dexpkr.com or dexfreepoker.com or freedexpoker.com

Oh, but we do understand

1- You solicited our Host locations and tried to steal them away. We called each one and confirmed it. But you need to understand, a businessperson is not going to do business with someone that's out to screw another business. Whether they are our current host or any new host locations you plan to open.

2- You solicited our Dealers and tried to steal them away. But you need to understand, they do not support your business ethics.

3- You solicited our Players and tried to steal them away. But you need to understand, we spoke to quite a few key players and they had no idea of what was truly going on and they do not support your illegal and malicious activities.

I understand that you were paid very well by us, for the "favors" you performed. I understand that you tried to sabotage our business, so you could take it over. I understand that it's a breach of your Non-Compete contract. I understand you did all this while you were still associated with our business. So to make you understand even better, see our Cease & Desist letter from our lawyer. The one we sent by certified mail, that you refused to sign for, but we know that you received.

So, as you can see we are very understanding. Hopefully you will now understand, because everyone else either will or already does.

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